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about us

AM Design Studio Interior Designer Agnieszka Małecka.
I make unique and functional interiors. My style; a fusion of modern,
classic and elegance.
I work in Poznań for 3 years, during this time I completed several dozen
The completion of all projects is customer satisfaction so that the
designed space have influence on high quality of life through the use of
a dream, timeless and ergonomic interior made by me.
Hence the daily satisfaction of the clients and recommending our
services to other people as well as companies.
I also offer professional knowledge about interior design.
The effect of cooperation is the implementation of dream interior,
which will be consistent with the taste and the needs of each client.
The investor’s expectations are always a new,
personalized challenge for me.



Conceptual project

We start design work from working on the interior function. It is important at this stage to focus
mainly on communication solutions and the placement of equipment and devices – this will affect
the optimal use of the space given to us, and at a later stage not only on comfort and ergonomics,
but also on the aesthetics of the organized space.

Conceptual project + Electrical installation model

Functional project extended with a scheme for the location of sockets,
switches and ceiling points and drawers as well as equipment for rtv, household appliances.

Complex project

It consists of:
-Conceptual project
-Arrangement design (extended, selected functional plan)
-Installation plan
-A list of products, materials, all elements with rough cost estimate for products
-Floor and suspended ceiling layouts
-Custom made furniture drawings
-Technical drawings


Home Staging

Preparing the real estate for sale, stylization, a simple way how to
expose the value of the interior, at a low cost, possible taking pictures.

Indywidual project of unique furniture

This is not about built-in furniture designs but original,
unique ones that nobody else has, for example, chairs, bar stools..


Phone: +48 691357241

Poznan/ other cities /online